Bluegrass Martial Arts 

3rd Degree Black Belt

Minimum of Two Years Required Following Promotion to 2nd Degree Black Belt

Both Extensions of All Techniques for 3rd Brown, 2nd Brown, and 1st Brown Belts

All Forms from Yellow - 2nd Degree Black Belt




 Menacing Grab

 Rear Right Center Collar Grab, Pulling

 Long 8 (Sai Nicho)

 Stretching the Bow

 Right Thrusting Punch


 Kung Fu Cross

 Left Thrusting Punch

 Nunchaku Set

 Glancing Wing

 Right Thrusting Uppercut

 Mass Attack

 Monkey Elbow

 Right Punch from the Right Side


 Lever of Ming

 Right then Left Punch Combination


 Circles of Glass

 Left then Right Punch Combination


 Cobra and the Mongoose

 Center Knife Thrust, Low


 Falling Blades

 Center Knife Thrust, High


 Crossing Darts

 Front Pistol Threat, High Right Side


 The Scorpion

 Two Hand Lapel Grab, Pushing


 Absorbing the Ram



 Slicing Dragon

 Right Thrusting Punch


 Leveling the Clouds

 Left Thrusting Punch



 Right Punch from the Right Side


 Sticks of Satin

 Inward Downward Club Attack


 Sweeping Tiger

 Outward Downward Club Attack


 Locking the Gate

 Center Knife Thrust, Low


 Folding Wings

 Shoulder Grabs from Both Sides


 Escape from Darkness

 Rear Center Knife Thrust


Bluegrass Martial Arts

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